Finance Director Services

Finance Director, Chris Fry Consulting Ltd, Merseyside SME Finance DirectorEvery business can benefit from the involvement of a qualified, experienced finance director.

For a fraction of the cost of a permanent appointment, a part time finance director is an ideal solution. You can access skills and experience and enjoy the associated benefits for your business at a price you can afford.

The reality is that many smaller, growing businesses do not actually need a finance director on a full time basis and wouldn’t have enough work to keep one fully occupied in any case.

But, you may be wondering, what does a finance director actually do? And what are the benefits that I can expect to see as a result of bringing one into my business?


Please take a few minutes to have a look at these Blogs to learn more…

The Role of the Finance Director

The Benefits of a Finance Director for Your SME

If you spend too much time each month wondering whether you will have enough cash to make payroll, wondering which suppliers you should prioritise for payment, (or which ones might not notice if you don’t pay them for a couple more weeks), then you should give me a call.

If you’re just not making the headway you thought you would, if the buzz has gone out of running your own business, if you’re just not making the sort of living you hoped you would and are starting to wonder whether the struggle is really worth it then we should talk.

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