4 Ways to Increase Your Revenue

Money makes the world go round, as the old song says. And let’s face it, all small businesses want to increase their revenue.

In the business world there’s plenty of people more than willing to give you the benefit of their wisdom about increasing revenue, no doubt you’ve already met some of them or read their advice on the internet.

What makes my blog, “The ONLY Four Ways You Can Increase Your Revenue” different from the pack is that it boils down many years of experience and learning into a short, easy to read, easy to follow guide.  I’ve used the ideas and advice in this blog successfully with all my clients.

Here’s a preview of the content…

“Most businesses focus most of their energy on identifying new customers and there is a lot of sense in this approach to a degree.  But given the amount of effort that new customer acquisition requires for many businesses and the consequent cost of each new customer, it would be foolish to ignore the other three alternatives. …”, “So you need to understand how much value you are creating (for your customer) and how much they value what you are providing for them.  The best businesses provide large, quantifiable benefits for their customers relative to the price they are charging and are bought at the choice of their customers who consequently have a good appreciation of the value they are receiving….”

To read the blog, simply click here, and feel free to share the blog with your business contacts. I hope you find it useful.